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Cannabody Starter Pack

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Still don't know which products to start with?  It is a little hard to when there is no direction as to which products to start with, or which ones are recommended.  It is truly up to the individual, all of our products address many ailments to a point.  Each individual product has its strength, however. 

In this starter pack, you will receive a Wowzer-On-A-Stick, Shampoo & Body Bar, Bath Bomb, and an Agave Sublingual Tincture. The Shampoo & Body Bar and the Bath Bomb, you can choose between the 5 different kinds that we make.


1 - 50 mg Bath Bomb

1 - 30 mg Shampoo & Body Bar

1 - 300 mg Wowzer 

1 - 300 mg Agave Sublingual Tincture

1 - 100 mg Massage Oil Sampler